First of all, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for coming over and witness my investiture today. It’s my great honor and pleasure to welcome you all to the Northern Negros State College of Science and Technology.

Northern Negros State College of Science and Technology, a former branch of the Iloilo State College of Fisheries (ISCOF), came into being when the Former Congressman of the 2nd district and now Governor of the Province of Negros Occidental, the Honorable Alfredo G. Marañon Jr. authored a bill which the Congress passed into law: RA 8448. For this, we rightfully recognize Gov. Alfredo G. Marañon Jr. as “the Father of NONESCOST”. To Governor Marañon, thank you for giving the disadvantaged and marginalized youth of northern Negros the opportunity to acquire a college education.

Special thanks also to the Honorable Congressman Alfredo D. Marañon III for your scholarship program to upgrade the NONESCOST Faculty and staff. I am personally indebted to Congressman Thirdy’s scholarship program, which enabled me to finish my doctorate degree. To Congressman Thirdy, to you I owe the highest honor of the position I am to be proclaimed today.

Thanks also to the Honorable Mayor Cueva of the city of Sagay for assuring NONESCOST a 10-hectare land to be donated by the city Government of Sagay to NONESCOST as a gesture of support to my administration.

What inspired and gave the courage to accept the heavy responsibility to lead NONESCOST was the assurance of support given to me by various sectors of our society. This includes officials of different local government units, government agencies and NGOs.

My heartfelt gratitude also to the NONESCOST Board of Trustees, especially to Chairperson, Hon. Nona Ricafort, for giving me an opportunity to serve this College. Rest assured that I will do all I can to live up to your expectation.

Thanks also to the Carmelite Fathers for teaching me to be humble and to be true and sincere in delivering service to the people of God. My involvement in Carmelite Seminary Formation and my work in Mount Carmel College helped me to accept whatever responsibility may be assigned to me.

To my partners in the Non-Government Organizations (NGOs), leaders of the different cooperatives, thank you. I only discovered my leadership abilities and potentials when I involved myself in the Cooperatives specifically the EPSTEMPCO, the NONESCOST MPC and VICTO National Federation. All these opportunities made me realize that I can lead pala organizations and have the potentials to become an effective leader and manager.

To my ever supportive mentors in Mount Carmel College, Mr. Loreto A. Bering, my former Director, Mam Emerenciana Llavore, Dr. Janet Geroso, Mr. Rolando Altalaguire, Mr.and Mrs. Paquito Cordero and many more. You are all part of my accomplishments and I am grateful to all of you.

To Dr. Rogelio T. Artajo, thank you for your unwavering support from the very beginning of my career to this day. Rest assured that I will continue and live up to the tradition of service which you implemented in NONESCOST.

NONESCOST is mandated to provide quality and excellent education that is relevant, accessible and affordable to all, especially to the poor Negrenses in the northern part of Negros Occidental. This is the dream of the Father of NONESCOST the Hon. Alfredo G. Marañon Jr. This is also the aspiration of everyone.

The previous administrators of this college, especially the administration of Dr. Rogelio Artajo, have worked hard to prepare the way for NONESCOST to become what it is today. My mission is to put light on the NONESCOST Road to 2016.

Let me now give you a perspective of what I intend to accomplish during my term as president of the College. Among them are:

  1. Academic programs and instructional methods
    It is apparent that the College has many curricular pro­grams that do not match with the manpower, financial, and physical resources of the college. There is a need therefore to rationalize academic programs as some of them have lost their relevance. The academic programs must be reviewed in the light of a declining demand and the need in the academic marketplace.
  2. The learning environment
    There is a need to maintain and renovate facilities in a sys­tematic manner – construction and ventilation of classrooms, improvement of lighting conditions, repair and maintenance of some buildings. To better implement and enhance the programs that have already started to gain ground, complementary amenities have to cope with the academic gains in or­der to reach higher goals.
  3. The need to increase enrollment in some courses
    The enrollment in some courses such as Bachelor of Science in Fisheries and Bachelor of Science in Agriculture Technology has been decreasing during the last three years. There is a need to reverse this trend and this will be one of the priorities of my administration.
  4. The need to sustain and improve percentage of passers in the licensure examination of some courses
    The percentage of passers for courses such as Bachelor in Secondary Education and Bachelor of Science in Agriculture Technology in the previous years was low as compared to the national average. Not one from the graduates of Fisheries took the licensure examination. However, in the recently released results by the PRC, the Bachelor of Science in Nursing of PNO-NONESCOST Cadiz got 58% passers as compared to the national passing percentage of 38%, NONESCOST ranked No. 3 in the entire province of Negros Occidental. There is a need to motivate students to take the licensure examination especially in Fisheries and Agriculture.
  5. The need to expand Research and Extension programs
    The College research culture needs to be developed in key disciplines. There is a need, therefore, to continue encourage facul­ty members to pursue research and extension as areas for professional growth.
  6. The human resource manage­ment system of the college has to be enhanced
    A sound human resource man­agement system has to be put in place for a more effective implementation of plans and policies. There is a need to motivate faculty and staff to pursue advanced studies so the college will have more doctors and masters in different fields of specialization.
  7. The need to expand student services – medical and dental, guidance services, library services, dormitories and study centers
  8. The College needs to secure and expand its landholdings
    The College main campus is less than 1 hectare in area. There is no more space for expansion and future development.
  9. The need to generate more resources to expand other than tuition increase in order to further improve the services of the College to its clienteles.

It is the agenda of this administration from 2012-2016 to address the above-mentioned challenges. Foremost, there is need to invest in the following:

  1. Human Capital Development – Continuous Education and Training of the College Faculty and Staff for their professional growth and advancement. Alongside with this is the provision of an incentive scheme that will help motivate the personnel of the College. I believe that productive people are the HAPPY people who are sufficiently equipped with the necessary knowledge, attitude and skills. HAPPY means, Healthy (physically, emotionally and spiritually), Active (deeply involved in school and community activities), Progressive life, Peace of mind and You-centered or other-centered.
  2. Infrastructure Development – Existing learning facilities equipment and laboratories of the College need to be upgraded and provide what is lacking and necessary. It has a very limited land area. The challenge of this administration is TO SECURE WHAT IT HAS NOT BY USING WHAT IT HAS.
  3. Research and Development Program that will help produce and develop new technologies for the improvement of existing knowledge.
  4. Extension Services Program that will help alleviate poverty
  5. Review and Development of Curriculum in consultation with the industries and other stakeholders of the College
  6. Scholarship Program for the poor and deserving students.
  7. Resource Generation Program

Given the tasks at hand, the responsibilities of a College President are overwhelming. ALONE I am weak but with your support, I know I can be strong. Together we will be able to contribute something worthwhile to the College and for the development of the northern Negros and the country.

Thank you and God bless us All.