The Mandate

The State College is mandated to provide higher technological, professional and vocational instructions and training in science, forestry, fishery, agriculture, engineering and industrial fields, as well as short-term technical and vocational courses. It shall also promote research, advance studies, extension work and progressive leadership in its areas of specialization.


To train and develop semi-skilled manpower, middle level professionals and competent and qualified leaders in the various professions responsive to the needs and requirements of the service areas providing appropriate and relevant curricular programs and offerings, research projects and entrepreneurial activities, extension and progressive leadership to effect socio-economic benefits and thereby improve quality of lif.


Northern Negros State College of Science and Technology envisions a skilled and productive manpower, qualified and competent professionals endowed with leadership qualities, commitment to public service, a common shared values and capacities to integrate and use new knowledge and skills in various vocations and professions in oder to meet the challenges of the new millennium.