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NONESCOST Takes a Leap into Internationalization
  • October 8, 2020

To realize Dr. Renante A. Egcas’s goal to UPGRADE NONESCOST, the Northern Negros State College of Science and Technology takes its first big step into becoming global with its Institutional Strategic Planning and Mentoring Session for Internationalization, through its newly-established External and International Affairs Office in partnership with CHED International Affairs Staff and the IZN Global Collective.
Held on the 21st to the 23rd of September, this activity is NONESCOST’s gesture of opening its doors to the global community and embarking on a journey beyond our borders. With this initiative, we hope to capacitate our people to be globally competitive and resilient, raise our standards higher, and provide better services to our students, faculty, and staff.
Once again, we extend our immense gratitude to the leaders and visionaries that are paving the way for internationalization and cooperation among academic institutions across the globe. It has been our absolute honor to have you as our mentors as we take on the challenge of internationalization, especially in the new normal.
With our dream of becoming SUN-Negros, we hope to be an institution that promotes collaboration and like-mindedness among global partners, encourages mobility for our constituents, extends opportunities for our graduates and ultimately contributes to the betterment of our community. In taking this crucial step and introducing ourselves on an international platform, we bring with us the hard work that has gone into building NONESCOST into what it is today - a humble institution that has built its walls from the ground up, and continues to look on to the future ahead, with the goal of improving the lives of all who pass through our doors.
In Scientia et Servitio. Mabuhay!
Dr Renante Egcas
Dr Adel Mohamed Ali Ba Hamid
Atty Lily Freida Milla
Bro Manuel Pajarillo FSC
Dr Muhammad Mustafa
Dr Donludee Jaisut
Dr Christopher Stoller
Rithika Thomas
Andre Kwok
Dr Yazrina Yahya
Prof Muhammad Wahyu Islami Pratama
Dr Octaviyanti Dwi Wahyurini
Jenny Balboa
Aivan Mark Cedullo
Dr Julapot Chiravachradej
Jenni Montero
Christine Nabor-Ferrer
Hector Gloria Jr
Louis Dreano

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