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Dela Fuente Takes Over as Faculty President
  • August 26, 2020

Rallying behind his call for a more reformed, responsive, and reflective leadership, Hon. Jayson Dela Fuente, a faculty member of the College of Education, is now leading the NONESCOST Faculty Association (NONESCOSTFA) as the youngest president ever elected in its history. 

His candidacy was uncontested, but an election was held nonetheless. He needed a 50% plus 1 vote to ensure his claim on the presidency. This feat, he and his party did successfully through physical and digital channels. 

They were sworn to office on July 24, 2020 - right after the announcement of the election results. 

Dela Fuente, a product of NONESCOST himself, was a well-decorated leader even during his student years. His former teacher, Prof. Sherill Batilo, remarked

“As a student, Jayson was very dedicated to his studies. He is the type who wouldn’t settle for mediocre performance or outputs. He tried his best to give the best of himself and actually influenced his classmates to do the same. 

As a student leader, Jayson is a visionary with a plan B and C. He is committed to making things happen.” 

Hon. Ramonito Abesar, Dela Fuente’s predecessor who served for 4 years (2016-2020)  in office, leaves him a few words of wisdom as he assumes the presidency.

“I expect that Hon. Dela Fuente will continue what we had started in the association - that is, creating and implementing programs that will truly benefit the faculty members. 

These can be in the form of scholarship developments and benefits like book stipends, allowance, etc. 

Mortuary and health assistance for the faculty with a special focus on helping the faculty navigate the hazards of the pandemic. 

Update bylaws on his platform of governance in such a way that he will bring the association closer to its employees. 

I know by experience that it’s not easy to be a faculty president. There will be ups and downs. I advise him to be more patient in his ways and always pray before he decides everything.” 

In his term, Dela Fuente looks into prioritizing the following: 

Ensuring that the voice of the Faculty will be heard by the organization and the Board of Trustees (BOT).
Create a system that will respond to the concerns and needs of the faculty in an efficient and timely manner. 
Collaborate with the school colleges and strengthen external linkages to effectively promote the welfare and interest of the faculty. 
He is expecting teachers to “ a catalyst of love, support, and respect to one another, wave and shout with glee that we are One Family: The NONESCOST Community”. 

- Rvie Santillan. 08.25.2020

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