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800+ Individuals Sustained by NONESCOST SSC’s We Care Community Pantry
  • May 20, 2021

SSC President Ariel S. Encabo, together with his band of equally passionate SSC Officers, spearheaded the setup and operation of NONESCOST’s We Care Community Pantry since April 26, 2021.


Since then, about Php 32,000 + has been donated in cash and kind by private organizations and individuals such as student organizations of Supreme Student Council of NONESCOST, Extension Services Office, fraternities, SK Officers, and tricycle drivers. 


Diverse items were donated on the daily as well such as boxes of canned goods, noodles, sacks of rice, fruits, vegetables, dried fish, facemasks, face shields, and school supplies for kids.









                Photo Source: Ariel S. Encabo Facebook account

We invited Ariel on a quick sit-down interview to hear him talk about how the We Care Community Pantry is different from other community pantries existing and what are his future plans for it in order to help more of his constituents in Sagay City. 


   Ariel S. Encabo- NONESCOST SSC President                                                              

Publication & Public Affairs Office: Thanks for taking the time to sit down with us, Mr. President. How are you?


Pres. Ariel:  I’m fine Ma’am, It’s a pleasure to be invited here.


PPA: We are happy you feel that way. Let’s proceed to the reason for this interview. 

We heard so many good things about the We Care Community Pantry. Is this the same to the community pantries popping everywhere, nationwide? 


Pres. A: I’m glad you asked that Ma’am. It’s actually different. In our community pantry, we follow the principles of give and take, so they don’t get something and not give anything in return. We encourage them to donate something as well, anything that they want to share with other people. 


Some people donated papaya, salt, even tanglad (lemongrass) from their own backyard and we are very happy to receive them. We want to instill the values that no matter how little they have, they can still share it with others.


Also, we are different because aside from food, we also provide free services such as blood pressure check for Senior Citizens (we thank our Nursing students for this).


PPA: That’s impressive, so can we expect the community pantry to last as long as the pandemic lasts?


Pres. A: Yes, Ma’am. But we made changes to its arrangement. We want to help more Sagaynons through our community pantry so we will be turning it into a mobile community pantry.


Every week, we will be going to different barangays in Sagay to give free food and other basic needs. This way, other citizens can experience help and not just people in Old Sagay.


Here are our schedules:

May 26, 2021– Uluntawo, Brgy. Himoga – an Baybay

May 30, 2021- Sitio Pula, Brgy. Lopez Jaena

June - Brgy. Tadlong


PPA: I love that idea. It’s good that people in different barangays can enjoy the benefits of We Care Community Pantry too.

For those who are interested to donate, can you share the details of how they can do that?


Pres. A: Yes, Ma’am. So we are appealing to the generous hearts of people, if you want to donate to our We Care Community Pantry, you can send your cash donations to:


Gcash: 09453002078- Ariel S. Encabo


If you want to donate food and other products, you can contact me through 09453002078 so we can make arrangements on how to gather your donations.


PPA: NONESCOST and the Sagaynons are really blessed with your leadership Mr. President. Where do you get the drive to do things like this?


Pres. A: Community service has always been my advocacy, Ma’am. And also, I have equally passionate people on my team, the SSC officers and other volunteers. I cannot do all these without them.


PPA: Thank you so much for all your hard work. We hope more and more people will donate so the We Care Community Pantry will be sustained. 


Pres. A: We hope so, too Ma’am. We hope so, too.


Help us sustain the We Care Community Pantry so we can help more Sagaynons. Send your cash donations to

Gcash No.: 09453002078- Ariel S. Encabo.


If you want to donate goods, you can contact Ariel Encabo on his mobile number at 09453002078.


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