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Doctor in IT

Doctor in Information Technology

The Doctor in Information Technology (DIT) program aims to develop the needs of professionals who occupy or shall occupy positions of influence in the Information Technology community to perform research and development with professional significance.

The Doctor in Information Technology (DIT) program is a professional program that requires students completion of graduate level courses and immersion and involvement in a project relevant to industry including business, education and government.  

To ensure that students under the DIT program will have the required writing experience and technical skills, a Dissertation Direction course is spread throughout the duration of the program to provide adequate time in writing and preparing their research paper. This will ensure high quality output of the academic paper of the students under the program.  

The DIT program concludes with the submission and defense of a dissertation that is of  publishable quality, representing a significant contribution to knowledge in the respective field of study.

Doctor in Information Technology


All applicants to the DIT Program must meet the following requirements:

  1. Applicants must have earned a masters degree in ITE or allied fields with a substantial research and development component as demonstrated by a presentation of the output in a refereed national or international conference.
  2. Applicants must have relevant professional experience in the field of Information Technology within the last five (5) years.
  3. Non MIT, MSCS, MIS, MSIT graduates must enroll Pre-DIT courses:
    1. Advanced Operating Systems and Networking
    2. Advanced Database Systems
    3. Advance Software Engineering
    4. Technology and Project Management 
  4.  Letter of intent
  5. Approval of the Dean of Graduate School acting on the recommendation of the Program Coordinator.


Deadline for Online Application for the Entrance Examination for GRADUATE SCHOOL

Good day!
Online APPLICATION for the Entrance Examination for the GRADUATE SCHOOL  this 1st Semester 2021-2022 is until July 28, 2021 only , please be guided. Thank you

Online Application for the Entrance Examination First Semester 2021-2022

The Guidance Office will now cater online link applicants for Entrance Examinations for First Semester 2021-2022.

Properly attach the requirements in the link provided and DO NOT send it on the email or messenger to avoid to be DECLINED.

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The Graduate School conducted its 3rd Regional Conference on Multidisciplinary Research in Science, Technology, Administration, Education, and Social Sciences, the 1st Virtual Research Conference with the theme “Digital Transformation and Innovation in Education” last August 15, 2020, via Google Meet platform. The said activity was part of the graduation requirements for all graduating graduate school students, thus providing them the venue present their research outputs to the various stakeholders of the college.

The said research conference was categorized into different tracks such as Track1: Instructional Materials Development and Learning Experiences, Track 2: Management Leadership and the Learning Process, Track 3: Public Administration and Governance, Track 4: Technology and Computer Education, and Track 5: Agriculture and Fisheries Education. The college also invited an external panel of evaluators from other academic institutions to adjudge the best conference paper and best presenter during the conference. Further, this research conference was attended by 142 attendees to include the research presenter, evaluators, graduate school faculty, and other stakeholders.

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