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NONESCOST - Northern Negros State College of Science and Technology

BS Physical Education

Bachelor in Physical Education

The Bachelor of Physical Education (BPEd) is a four-year program that allows for focused study in physical education while also incorporating other areas such as health education. The program's goal is to produce scientifically minded physical education graduates who are imbued with NONESCOSTIAN'S values and whose knowledge and skills will meet national and global demands. It will also prepare and train qualified students to teach PE, recreation, and sports at the elementary, secondary, and tertiary levels, as well as to work as sports, dance, recreation, and fitness specialists. Finally, the program will broaden students' understanding and appreciation of Physical Education and Sports as a viable discipline applicable to all aspects of social life. Likewise, program graduates are equipped with fundamental knowledge in conducting action research in education, preparing them for graduate studies and careers as researchers in the field. Furthermore, it is expected that the graduates will embody the NONESCOST brand of education, which includes the ability to demonstrate proficiency, mastery, and application of content, pedagogy, and technological knowledge in the chosen field and exhibit exemplary character, proactiveness, and cultural responsiveness to the needs of the community.

The program shall produce a graduate who can:

  1. articulate and discuss the latest developments in the specific field of practice. (PDF level 6 descriptor)
  2. effectively communicate in English and Filipino, both orally and in writing.
  3. Work effectively and collaboratively with a substantial degree of independence in multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural teams. (PDF level 6 descriptor)
  4. act in recognition of professional, social, and ethical responsibility.
  5. preserve and promote “Filipino historical and cultural heritage” (based on RA 7722).
  6. articulate the rootedness of education in philosophical, socio-cultural, historical, and political contexts.
  7. demonstrate mastery of subject matter/discipline.
  8. facilitate learning using a wide range of teaching methodologies and delivery modes appropriate to specific learners and their environments.
  9. develop innovative curricula, instructional plans, teaching approaches, and resources for diverse learners.
  10. apply skills in the development and utilization of ICT to promote quality, relevant, and sustainable educational practices.
  11. demonstrate a variety of thinking skills in planning, monitoring, assessing, and reporting learning processes and outcomes.
  12. practice professional and ethical teaching standards sensitive to the local, national, and global realities.
  13. pursue lifelong learning for personal and professional growth through varied experiential and field-based opportunities.
  14. apply scientific and evidence-based practices critical to the educational and learning processes
  15. demonstrate skillful performance in a variety of physical activities
  16. adapt performance to variety of physical activity settings: (e.g. formal classes, recreational, and competitive)
  17. critically examine the curriculum (e.g. content, pedagogy and assessments) and program, and enhance (e.g. innovate) them necessarily
  18. plan and implement safe and effective physical activity programs to address the needs of individual and groups in school and/or non-school settings.
  19. monitor and evaluate physical activity programs in school and/or non-school settings.
  20. use appropriate assessments in as and for student or client learning.
  21. use information, media and technology in pedagogy and for lifelong learning.
  22. demonstrate firm work/professional ethics.
  23. cultivate solidarity by working and dealing with/relating to others harmoniously.
  24. promote the advancement of the profession by making sense of and getting involved in current discourse that impact on the profession.
  25. pursue lifelong learning for personal and professional development.
  26. communicate effectively with PE practitioners, other professionals and stakeholders.
  27. use oral, written, and technology formats deftly.


  1. Elementary PE Teacher
  2. Junior High School PE Teacher
  3. Senior High School PE Teacher
  4. School Program Coordinator
  5. Instructional Planner
  6. Textbook Author
  7. Online tutors
  8. Sport/Dance Coach
  9. Learning Materials Writer/Editor
  10. Researcher 
  11. Other teaching-related jobs

Ramonito Abesar
Program Head, BPEd
Bachelor in Physical Education



  1. Passed the College Entrance examination.


                    Incoming First Year Students:

                            - Vaccination Card

                            - 1st semester Report Card

                            - NCAE Results

                            -2x2 Picture with Name tag



                             - Vaccination Card

                             -Transcript of Record

                             -2x2 Picture with Name

  1. With JHS/SHS General Weighted Average of 85 up.
  2. Passed the Interview Conducted by the College.


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