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Thank you for your interest in graduate education at NONESCOST.

NONESCOST’s Graduate School is committed to scholarly excellence and student success.

We bring to our work a genuine openness to innovation that cultivates the talents of our scholars and creates a culture that builds community. It is healthy to review and reinvigorate efforts to promote collaboration, student agency and well-being, and interdisciplinary research. As Dean of the Graduate School, my aim is to improve the already significant opportunities for our graduate students to create new knowledge, prepare for careers inside and outside the academy, and address the evolving needs of society.

NONESCOST invests significantly in graduate education and research. We are deeply committed to the work we do in broadening participation in higher education that leads to a more diverse and inclusive scholarly community.

Whether you are looking at graduate schools, already headed to NONESCOST for graduate or postdoctoral studies, or presently here on campus, I hope that you will make the most of opportunities to expand your knowledge.

Best wishes,

Dr. Judith S. Rabacal
Dean, Graduate School

Office Description

NONESCOST’s Graduate School provides advanced professional studies and research in various areas leading to doctorate and master's degree programs for professionals.



Deadline for Online Application for the Entrance Examination for GRADUATE SCHOOL

Good day!
Online APPLICATION for the Entrance Examination for the GRADUATE SCHOOL  this 1st Semester 2021-2022 is until July 28, 2021 only , please be guided. Thank you

Online Application for the Entrance Examination First Semester 2021-2022

The Guidance Office will now cater online link applicants for Entrance Examinations for First Semester 2021-2022.

Properly attach the requirements in the link provided and DO NOT send it on the email or messenger to avoid to be DECLINED.

(c) Guidance Office.

If you have any queries, you may...



3rd Regional Conference on Multidisciplinary Research

The Graduate School conducted its 3rd Regional Conference on Multidisciplinary Research in Science, Technology, Administration, Education, and Social Sciences, the 1st Virtual Research Conference with the theme “Digital Transformation and Innovation in Education” last August 15, 2020, via Google Meet platform. The said activity was part of the graduation requirements for all graduating graduate school students, thus providing them the venue present their research outputs to the various stakeholders of the college.

The said research conference was categorized into different tracks such as Track1: Instructional Materials Development and Learning Experiences, Track 2: Management Leadership and the Learning Process, Track 3: Public Administration and Governance, Track 4: Technology and Computer Education, and Track 5: Agriculture and Fisheries Education. The college also invited an external panel of evaluators from other academic institutions to adjudge the best conference paper and best presenter during the conference. Further, this research conference was attended by 142 attendees to include the research presenter, evaluators, graduate school faculty, and other stakeholders.

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